Monday, August 29, 2011

It goes from bad to worse for Rep. Brian Aldridge (R-Tupelo)

Last week, I posted a piece on Rep. Brian Aldridge's legal battles concerning money he allegedly received from his elderly aunt. In short, she was accusing Rep. Aldridge (R-Tupelo) and his parents of bilking her out of half a million dollars through donations to "Touched by an Angel Ministries," which is currently run by Rep. Aldridge.

Well, it turns out the IRS and the Secretary of State are on Rep. Aldridge about it as well. In fact, Secretary of State Hosemann's office recently ordered Rep. Aldridge to get it together.

Patsy Brumfield has an article in the Daily Journal that covers it all, but the highlights of the Secretary of State's order are:

  • $21,424.19 in back taxes are owed to the IRS
  • Over $14,000 in bank overdraft fees have been incurred
  • Touched by an Angel Ministries allegedly provided false information submitted in registration forms
  • Touched by an Angel Ministries allegedly failed to maintain proper records
  • Touched by an Angel Ministries allegedly failed to use contributions in accordance with state law

The whole article is worth a good read. One does have to wonder what will come of all of this. These are very serious accusations against Aldridge by the IRS and Secretary of State Hosemann.

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