Friday, July 8, 2011

Pull the car around...

The Sun-Herald's Crawdaddy blog has an interesting observation up today.  When their editorial board was interviewing the Republican Lt. Governor hopefuls, they noticed that Tate Reeves has a driver.  That's interesting because, as they point out, Reeves is railing against the number of state-owned vehicles.


James said...

Get serious! Is this the only thing you can pick on a Rep candidate about? So he has a driver - and rails about the number of state owned vehicles. Still this is one vehicle although it has two passengers. Any statewide candidate has a driver on some days - they go from Corinth to Gulfport to Jackson to Oxford. They need a driver while they do other things on the road. Small cost vs total wear and tear on a candidate.

Tate's commercial is about the 10,000 vehicles for the 30,000 state employees. Gov HRB tried to address this issue his first two years in office, but was stopped by the HOR. But it has nothing to do with "having a driver". Comeon Matt, you can do better than this!!

Cottonmouth said...

James, it is my understanding that Reeves has had a driver for quite some time, not just during campaign season. You are correct that nearly all candidates have drivers so that they may focus on fundraising calls, etc. while on the road.

I could always pick on him for this, I guess.

James said...

No, Matt, I don't think you should "pick on him" for that either. Let's take poor Billy's article apart and look at it.

(1) He 'mentions' (and that's all he does) how TR picked the banks to deposit funds in - but then offers nothing about who he picked or how he picked them. Or how other Treasurer's before him picked them or who they picked.
(2) He 'mentions' the college tuition funds that he says Bennett created. I think actually the legislature created them - a detail thatt Billy fails to acknowledge - and that only the legislature can stop. It is the Treasurer's job to administer them but the board - again, created by the legislature - is the entity that picks the investment advisors. The Treasurer is a member of that board, but is not solely in charge.

(3) He 'mentions' the PERS status and that TR as Treasurer is a statutory member of the PERS board and the investment condition of PERS. He fails to mention that the PERS Board is 11 people, 9 of who are elected by the people that get the benefits. Also, he 'mentions' the losses over the past three years - similar losses that most people had in their 401k accounts with the crash of the market in '08.

Frankly, using a Bill Minor hit piece on a Republican as your basis for attacking anybody's credibility is laughable. Try again.

carter said...

James: watch your grammar. "Who" is nominative (the subject of a sentence) and "whom" is objective (the object of a verb or a preposition). 9 of whom; whom he picked; whom they picked. I bet you're one of those people who would say "Don't ask me" but would turn around and say "Don't ask she or I."