Friday, June 24, 2011

Rep. Brandon Jones (D-Pascagoula) picks up Realtors, Educators, and Hospital endorsements

Rep. Brandon Jones (D-Pascagoula) announced three major endorsements today.  First, he received the endorsement of the Mississippi Association of Realtors, the state's largest pro-business organization.  Next, Jones was endorsed by the Mississippi Association of Educators, who cited Jones' “outstanding record in support of children and public education.” Finally, Jones has announced the support of the Mississippi Hospital Association. That is quite significant in District 111, as Singing River Hospital has over 2,700 employees and 300 physicians.

No matter how you cut it, those are three very significant endorsements.


James said...

The Hospital Assn endorsed him because he is a Democrat, voted for McCoy, and will vote for Moak. MHA is against anything having to do with Republican - particularly association with Haley Barbour.

The MAE is not much different, only don't back their endorsement with tens of thousands of dollars.

Don't believe either of these - check all their other endorsements. MHA and MAE will only be endorsing Dems that support Moak.

The Realators endorsed him because the ED of the Realators Assn was his college roommate. Can't believe the Association board let their ED guide them in this direction - directly against their normal association and endorsements of conservative candidates. But Brandon can thank his long-time buddy, DE, for this stray from the norm for a business organization.

(And BTW, Brandon and Matt, this was a nice piece of self-promotion. Good job.)

Cottonmouth said...

You're right, James. It's completely impossible that the Realtors would have seen fit to endorse their previous Legislator of the Year without their lobbyist twisting their arms. Remember, Easley works for the Realtors, not the other way around. Ever think that Jones may have earned that award and endorsement?

And that perhaps he's been attuned to the needs of healthcare professionals and educators?

Come on man, you normally are a better commenter than that.

James said...

Why was he the Realtor's Legislator of the Year. Same reason. Easley (a good guy) has been promoting Brandon since the race started in 2007, while every other business association in the state disagreed. Yes, Easley works for the Realtors, but as in any association, the board often listens to the advice of their director.

Not saying Easley is wrong to do so. Just pointing out that Brandon gets two Dem Association endorsements and his buddy Easley gets him his only business association doesn't make a silk purse. But again, do compliment Brandon on using his blog for such self-promotion.

Cottonmouth said...

James, you seem to be plugged into the legislative process. Perhaps you should take a look at the bills Rep. Jones supported before you start running down the integrity of the Realtors.