Friday, May 6, 2011

MSGOP releases proposed redistricting plans for both chambers (finally)

So the MSGOP released a plan yesterday when they attached it to their response to the Order setting the May 10th hearing.  That's roughly 60 days after plans were first released, and somewhere around 120 days after census data was released.  So, yeah, that's timely.

MSGOP House Plan Map

MSGOP House Plan Components Report

MSGOP Senate Plan Map

MSGOP Senate Plan Components Report

The MSGOP is pushing these map as preferable because it has only 1% population deviation.  The problem is, these maps are a drastic departure from current lines, and will cause widespread voter confusion.  Furthermore, there has been no public input in the formulation of these maps, nor has there been legislative consideration.

There are a couple of pairings of House incumbents that stand out quickly in the MSGOP plan:

  • Bobby Moak (D-Bogue Chitto) and Becky Currie (R-Brookhaven)
  • Mark Baker (R-Brandon) and Kevin McGee (R-Brandon)
  • Tommy Reynolds (D-Charleston) and Bobby Howell (R-Kilmichael)
Moak vs. Currie? That's the GOP trying to take out a Democratic front runner in the Speaker's race should Speaker McCoy not run again.

Baker vs. McGee?  This is a very interesting pairing, as the MSGOP is pitting two incumbent Republicans against one another.  There are two possible reasons for this.  First, Baker has been more willing to work towards a redistricting compromise than some Republicans may like, and this is could be payback.  Second, the MSGOP belongs to Haley Barbour, a member of the old line Delta Republican faction (Clarke Reed's line).  Across the divide from that faction is Billy Powell's Rankin County power base.  Throwing Rankin County Republicans to the wolves wouldn't be of great discomfort to Barbour's Republicans, who tend to be less stridently socially conservative than Rankin County Republicans.

Reynolds vs. Howell? This is clearly a shot at Rep. Tommy Reynolds, who chaired the redistricting process in the House.

More as I find 'em...

P.S. - John Diez (or Diaz, as it's spelled both ways in the MSGOP Response to the Order Setting Hearing), was hired by the MSGOP some time ago.  He's a consultant with Magellan Strategies BR, Inc., and he's the guy who drew these lines.  


VoiceofReason said...

One thing you did not mention. It screws DeSoto County out of a deserved third Senate seat.

VoiceofReason said...

One thing you did not mention. This plan screws DeSoto County out of a deserved (by population) third Senate seat.

Unknown said...

Again, Matt, you are showing how little you know and trying to make convenient arguments without considering facts. First, as is obvious once you skip over the three examples you have pulled out at random and look at all the other incumbent residences, you will find that both of these maps were drawn with no consideration of who lives where - neither incumbent republican or incumbent democrat - other than having to maintain the 'no regression' requirement of VRA. These maps were drawn to provide a minimum deviation - therefore no preference to either party by playing games with the packing of voters - and to provide the most compact district possible. Frankly exactly what should be done in a redistricting. They do not try to protect an incumbent - or an incumbent's favorite geography. They don't care where "aunt sally" lives or so-and-so's mother-in-law.

They do give the court an alternative plan that certainly is more fair than the House plan, and for those like you that think the Dems can do no wrong, these maps are more fair than the proposed Senate plan as well.

All your crap about the "barbour wing" of the party and the payback to Billy Powell - or the Mark Baker payback as well - is nothing but you trying to dig up clams out of the bottom of a sewage treatment plant.