Sunday, May 29, 2011

Clarion-Ledger's David Hampton: GOP talk radio attacks on Speaker McCoy "laughable"

Clarion-Ledger Editorial Director David Hampton has a column out today about Speaker Billy McCoy's retirement.  Here's the highlight:
(McCoy's) counter to Barbour's power has been beneficial for the state, especially in protecting funding for education.

That has resulted in some brutal, partisan attacks on McCoy, especially on GOP-dominated talk radio. He has been characterized as a wild, free-spending liberal obstructionist. That is not only inaccurate, but laughably so.

Make no mistake, McCoy is a Northeast Mississippi populist Democrat. He is a fiscal conservative, but is attuned to the concerns of working-class voters. He was a key player in creation of the state's four-lane highway program, one of the most important economic development projects in decades. But he also has been a committed supporter of public education and health care.
Hampton's characterization of McCoy's politics is dead-on, and would fairly summarize the difference between Mississippi Democrats and Republicans. Both are fiscally conservative, but Democrats are far more concerned with the economic and educational interests of working and middle class Mississippians than Republicans, who continue to be the party of big business (just take a look at BIPEC ratings and the Mississippi Manufacturers Association's efforts to control the House Speaker's race).

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Kingfish said...

Oh really? I remember a $50 billion beef plant given to us by McCoy. I remember Ford and his helpers likes McCoy wrecking the state budget as Musgrove would accurately predict the lack of revenue growth in his budgets, they would blow him off, base a budget on 3.5% or so growth, and then stick him with the mid-year cuts when he turned out to be right. If McCoy had had his way this state would've been more broke a long time ago.