Thursday, May 12, 2011

A bit of testimony from Tuesday that I missed

I missed the testimony of Trudy Berger Tuesday afternoon, which took place right after lunch. A reader who was there provided the following account of her testimony:

Right after lunch Begley called Pike County Election Commission Chair Trudy Berger to the stand. Berger attended the SOS training last fall and in late March this year and had studied the redistricting materials supplied to her. She testified that to update the SEMS to account for new House and Senate plans all the MSOS would need to do was  to go through the  82 county files in the system  and for each county enter in the district numbers  whose boundaries lie in that county, a task that she said would take no more than three days She noted that under the proposed Senate and House plans  Pike County would have three senate districts and five house districts. She further testified that the job would then fall on the county officials to edit SEMS  by adding or subtracting individual precinct files to the Senate and House districts located in that county. In other words if existing Senate District 37 picked up all of Pike County precinct 1  then the county officials would edit SEMS to add the change.The same would happen if under the plan Senate District 37 lost a Pike county precinct.For whole precincts she said this really would not take long at all, a day at most. The real time consuming aspect would involve editing SEMS to account for voters in split precincts( which are fewer under the proposed legislative plans). She said she would need to be supplied a physical map, and that she would need to study the address ranges for the existing precinct and compare them to the address ranges for any split in the precinct under the new plan. She would then need to edit the address ranges in the address library, a process that would take no more than a week. She note that for all of Pike County there were only  3 split precincts for the proposed House plan and  none for the Senate plan. Berger referred to  the SEMS redistricting manual and the training practice exercises, which had been previously entered into evidence.

Hope that fills in some blanks for y'all.

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