Friday, April 1, 2011

Clarification regarding Dickie Scruggs' participation in the 2002 redistricting lawsuit

A reader emailed the other day and suggested clarification of Dickie Scruggs' participation in the congressional redistricting lawsuit in 2002. That case was Mauldin v. Branch, and it involved the manner in which the Legislature drew the congressional districts in response to the 2000 census. You'll recall that as a result of the 2000 census numbers, Mississippi lost a congressional seat, taking us from 5 to 4.

The battle lines were drawn in that case along party lines. Counsel for the Republicans in that lawsuit were: Mike Wallace, Christopher Royce Shaw, Arthur F. Jernigan, Richard F. Scruggs, F. Keith Ball, Grant M. Fox, Staci Bozant O'Neal.

So, yes, Dickie Scruggs represented Republicans in the 2002 Congressional redistricting case. Surprised?

Also of note: Keith Ball is now a federal magistrate judge (and a damned fine one). He is currently the magistrate assigned to NAACP v. Barbour. Those of you screaming that Judge Reeves should recuse himself over his involvement in Mauldin need to make the same demand of Ball if you truly believe prior involvement in redistricting cases with counsel currently at bar is grounds for recusal.

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