Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Will Phil Bryant stall?

One of the frequent predictions about what will happen next in redistricting is that Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant (R) will not call the redistricting maps up for a vote this week.  The reasoning is that Bryant currently doesn't have the votes to shoot down both plans, and that he is trying to twist some arms.  The danger in this is that the Department of Justice must clear the plans prior to June 1, or else Mississippi will be forced to hold a second round of elections next year.

The downside to stalling is that it makes Bryant appear weak.  That's already a big concern for Bryant, though, as he has thoroughly botched redistricting thus far.  The safe move for Bryant is to push redistricting to the floor and either win or lose.  If he wins, he's the talk radio hero.  If he loses, he still gets to be the martyr to the Republican base, as he went down swinging for "his people."

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