Friday, March 11, 2011

Phil Bryant's words mean he should accept House redistricting plan

Holding Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant to his word on this may be harder than pinning a greased pig at the rodeo. When speaking on SuperTalk radio this morning about losing the redistricting vote yesterday, he said "When the majority speaks, you have to listen to that body." Surely he feels the same way about the House, right? We'll find out when the House appends its plan to the Senate plan and sends it back over. (You remember, that House plan that passed the House last week and Bryant's henchmen promptly discarded in committee.)

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Speaker34 said...

Given Phil's! tenuous understanding of his constitutional role, he probably thinks he's obligated to weigh in on the House redistricting plan. This is the same bright light who "audited" the gaming industry to learn if it was profitable for Mississippi. (Guess what? It is!) Phil is merely a dull-witted fellow who managed to get elected to the House by a homogenous and simple constituency, ingratiated himself to a vain and pompous governor who made him state auditor (assured that Phil's! constituency would elect another just like him to take his House seat) and wound up being lt. governor because he, frankly (this is a pun), beat a man even less qualified than he. But now, he's beginning to believe in himself - and overreach. It will be interesting.