Sunday, March 13, 2011

New House Republican plan out; guess we can count DeLano and Zuber as against it

In a previous post, we noted that the House plan that passed two weeks ago was being criticized by Reps. Scott DeLano (R-Biloxi) and Hank Zuber (R-Ocean Springs) for not giving the Coast an additional representative over its current 8.  This, despite the fact that Zuber, DeLano, and other Coast Republicans actually drew the districts on the Coast themselves.

Well, now the "House Republican Alternative" plan is out, and guess what?  It cuts the number of Coast representatives from 8 to 7.  So, I guess we should go ahead and mark Zuber and DeLano down as being against it.

Here's the House Republican Alternative plan, courtesy of
Mississippi House of Representatives Alternative Redistricting Plan 031311                                                                                            

Of note in the House Republican Alternative plan?  Well, aside from cutting a Coast representative, it's hard to tell, since the map's in such low resolution.  I guess we can best describe it as "two weeks late and 6 megabytes short."

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