Friday, March 4, 2011

House redistricting plan passes 65-56; GOP not uniform in opposition

The House of Representatives passed its redistricting plan this afternoon by a vote of 65-56 after some colorful floor speeches.  Here are some highlights:

  • Rep. Chuck Middleton (D - Port Gibson) angrily decried the plan, much to the puzzlement of fellow Black Caucus members.  
  • Rep. Mary Ann Stevens (D - West), whose district is collapsed with Rep. Ferr Smith's (D - Carthage), said "I am a minority" (Rep. West is a white female) and railed against the plan.  
  • Rep. Ed Blackmon (D - Canton), gave a rousing speech that led many in the chamber to applaud.  
  • Not a single Republican spoke against the plan.

The Mississippi Republican Party brass has been strident in its opposition to the plan, prompting voters to call their representatives and complain.  Despite that, four Republicans voted for the plan.  Elizabeth Crisp with the Clarion-Ledger has an article up that contains the vote breakdown.

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