Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Senate fight that Lt. Gov. Bryant is losing

While we've all been focused on redistricting, the Senate has been handling education appropriations legislation as well.  Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant's getting bucked there, too.  Interestingly, he's not the only one. From Jere Nash's blog today:
For the second time this session, the full Senate voted to give more money to education than either the Governor or the Senate leadership wants to spend. First it was the community colleges. Gov. Barbour vetoed that bill last week and Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant promptly buried it in a senate committee never to be heard from again. Yesterday, the Senate voted more money for elementary and secondary education, again in the face of opposition from the Senate leadership and a threatened gubernatorial veto. The Governor may veto this bill also, but you gotta have appropriation bills to operate schools and colleges beyond June 30, so something's got to pass.
Looks like cracks are starting to appear in the foundation for The House That Barbour Built....

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