Friday, March 25, 2011

AGAIN?!? Barbour's letting a convicted killer out early

A day after his spokeswoman denied it, the Sun-Herald confirms it's true: Gov. Haley Barbour has helped release a convicted killer from MDOC custody ahead of schedule.

Here's the story:

This isn't the first time he's done something like this. It's apparently the sixth.


CCPundit said...

Another misleading headline Eichelberger but your rep for Donkeycrat hackdom continues to grow. A few more points and you'll graduate to stooge.

But 130 days of the time off Goff received was granted by Barbour in Executive Order 956 (2006) for work Goff did cleaning up after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Goff was one of more than 280 inmates to whom Barbour gave up to 180 days off their sentences for hurricane cleanup.

Barbour awarded Goff 130 days off for 104 hours of cleanup work, records show.

Keep this up and the Clarion-Ledger will be on the phone offering you a job.

CCPundit said...

Barbour spokeswoman Laura Hipp says he had nothing to do with most of the time taken off Goff's sentence - more than eight years. That came from laws allowing reductions for working in prison, going to classes and other activities. The biggest reduction, seven years, came from working in the prison. Those decisions are made by prison officials.

This really is a funny attack Matt, er Cottonmouth, considering how long and hard you, yourself, have efforted to get convicted murderers off at trial.

Cottonmouth said...

Another, CC? What's the first? Barbour gave a convicted killer a reduction in sentence. This is the sixth time he's done such.

As for my representation of people accused of crimes, I'm proud as hell of it. Your understanding of our criminal justice system, to the extent you have one, is obviously deeply flawed. The role of defense counsel is well-defined and sacrosanct. So is the role of governor when it comes to handling pardons, connotations, and reductions of sentences. Barbour has been exceedingly careless in his duties.