Friday, January 14, 2011

Rep. Dirk Dedeaux addresses concerns, predicts another wind pool fight

Rep. Dirk Dedeaux (D-Perkinston) has released an article for newspaper publication on Sunday, January, 16, 2010, but we were extra resourceful and put our hands on an advance copy.  There's an interesting bit concerning the wind pool veto fight:
Last year Governor Barbour vetoed a bill to put $20 million into our wind pool from the state’s Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund. 
For most people in South Mississippi the wind pool is the insurer of only resort.

After a lively debate in the House efforts to override the governor came up 12 votes short of the 80 we needed.

Without the $20 million, insurance for many South Mississippians can very possibly increase in 2012. In these lean economic times the affordability insurance is as important as costs of food and fuel to the citizens of South Mississippi.

This issue is expected to surface again this year, I will join my colleagues from South Mississippi in educating fellow House members about the importance and significance of this issue.

I’m a life-long resident of South Mississippi. I, like many of you, survived Katrina in 2005. I know how South Mississippi residents have struggled to return to a life of normalcy – and to find reasonable, affordable wind insurance. (Emphasis added.)
As Haley Barbour gets ready to run for President, he'd certainly like to point to his efforts after Katrina as examples of his "strong, effective, honest leadership." Standing in the way of wind pool funding will put Gov. Barbour and House Republicans on the wrong side of history, and substantively harm Barbour's image as a "post-Katrina hero."  With the session just under way, this is a fight that doesn't look to be over.  In fact, it would appear that south Mississippi legislators are going to "hitch their britches up" and keep this fight going.

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