Friday, January 7, 2011

Fundraising Update from Northern District Transportation Commissioner’s Race

The pre-election fundraising report deadline has come and gone in the Northern District Transportation Commissioner’s race and here are the numbers:

  • John Caldwell (DeSoto County): $16,745.00 raised with $0 on hand
  • Dennis Grisham (Tippah County): $95,000.00 raised with $2,728.00 on hand
  • Joey Hood (Itawamba County): $3,000.00 raised with $0 on hand
  • Larry Lee (Grenada County): $20.00 raised with $0 on hand
  • Rep. Warner McBride (Panola County): $167,813.00 raised with $92,487 on hand
  • Ray Minor (Marshall County): $6,300.00 raised with $532.00 on hand
  • Mike Tagert (Oktibbeha): No report filed
To save you the math, Rep. Warner McBride has raised more than all of the other candidates combined.  More importantly, he has $92,487 in the bank, whereas his nearest competitor, Dennis Grisham, has $2,728. If this goes to a runoff, McBride will hold quite a monetary advantage.


KellitaJ said...

Raising money doesn't win elections.
I'm supporting McBride, but I haven't seen any evidence that he's spent one cent in Desoto County to promote his campaign. No phone calls, no signs, no contact with the Desoto Dem Party.
I do wish him luck and will phone bank on his behalf this weekend.

Ricky Bishop said...

How did all that money work our for him??